The Upper-Rhine and Tributaries Algebraic Geometry Seminar is a regular seminar, jointly organised by the algebraic geometry groups at the universities of Basel, Freiburg, Lorraine, Luxembourg, Saarland, Strasbourg, Stuttgart, and Tübingen.

These are all situated along the Upper Rhine and some of its tributaries, such as the Moselle, the Meurthe, and the Neckar.

It will alternate between being taking place in the central location of Strasbourg and one of the other organising universities.

If you follow the course of the Rhine you can eventually join the Higher Geometric Structures along the Lower Rhine series of events.

Organizing committee

University of Basel
to be announced
University of Freiburg
Stefan Kebekus
Université de Lorraine
Gianluca Pacienza
University of Luxembourg
Pieter Belmans
Saarland University
Simon Bradhorst
University of Strasbourg
Lie Fu
University of Stuttgart
Davide Cesare Veniani
University of Tübingen
Daniele Agostini


This initiative is based on earlier joint seminars in the region.